Cannabis for Every Mood


Cannabis strains that tend to help you to relax and find a sense of calm tend to be Indica dominant and contain a good balance of both THC and CBD. Strains containing a higher level of CBD than THC will allow you to relax your mind and find peace. If you are looking for a more intense relaxation experience, seek out Indica dominant strains with a higher amount of THC than CBD. Well-known strains to explore for this category are Purple Widow, Critical, Gupta Kush, and Gorilla Grips. Please ask one of the FHM staff to assist you in finding the products we carry to assist you in achieving a sense of calm within.



High energy strains are primarily made up of Sativa dominant strain types featuring THC, CBD, or sometimes a combination of both. Energizing strains are characterized by their ability to help you fight fatigue and sleepiness. Good examples of these strains are Durban Poison, Jillybean, and Ghost train haze.  Please ask your FHM budtender to explore what strains we carry that will help you get an extra boost of energy!



THC dominant strains typically work best to elevate your mood. THC dominant strains in most cases help to fight off heavy moods and give people an elevated sense of engagement and motivation.THC dominant strains usually stimulate hunger, social interaction, and creativity. These strains usually produce a euphoric high. A good example of a THC dominant strain is Grandaddy Purple. Cannatonic is a great strain to try to elevate mood but limit possible anxiety, that can occur with too much THC. Cannatonic is rich in CBD as well, which is great to explore for a balanced effect. Please consult with your FHM staff member to help find the best strains and products available, as not every experience is the same.



Cannabis strains that help you sleep are primarily Indica dominant strains. These sleep-inducing strains can help you fight insomnia, ease pain, and relax muscles, helping most consumers to get a good night’s sleep.  THC dominant strains provide the most sedation.  Indica dominant strains with higher CBD than THC often help those who struggle with anxiety that interferes with rest creating balance in the body and mind. Well-known examples of these strains are Blue Ox, Spumoni, and Himalayan Blackberry.

Please ask FHM staff members to help you navigate what products we carry that can help you improve the quantity and quality of your night’s rest. 



To soothe pain it is generally recommended to try strains with a balance of THC and CBD.  Smoking and vaping are great ways to feel cannabis effects rather quickly. Consumers have success with cannabis for soothing pain, caused by physical ailments, as well as mental and emotional imbalance resulting in pain in the physical body. Great strains for soothing pain are ACDC,  Blueberry Headband,  and Master Kush. 

Please ask any FHM agent to assist you in finding products we carry to help soothe your body, mind, and soul!


*Please keep in mind these are general guidelines based on the average consumer, however, the endocannabinoid system is as unique as a fingerprint and everyone’s individual chemistry could have a different result.

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