Coffee & Cannabis: Your New Must-Have Morning Routine

You’ve heard of CEOs starting their morning with meditations at 4:30 AM. You’ve heard that you need to have a filling, healthy breakfast to start the day off right. But have you tried coffee and cannabis to jump-start your morning? 

Possibly the greatest duo since PB&J, coffee and cannabis will help you take charge of your day like the boss you already are!

We asked our staff here at Full Harvest Moonz what they suggest for the best wake ‘n bake practices, and we’re not looking back from their recommendations: 

1. Smoke your favorite hybrid. 

On those mornings you need an extra boost, your favorite hybrid will supply you with energy and enhanced creativity from the sativa, and a calming counterbalance to the powerful caffeine from the indica. 

We recommend pairing your morning coffee with our 0.5 gram Tangerine Cookies Pre-Roll from Sanctuary Medicinals — as a sativa-leaning hybrid, it’s the perfect addition to any morning routine!

2. Set your intentions. Make your plan!

Morning rituals help us get into the right mindset for the day. When we plan our morning, we prepare ourselves to carpe the hell out of that diem! 

At Full Harvest Moonz, to-do lists are our best friends. We wouldn’t have been able to open without them! So before you spark up, make a plan and set your intentions for the day — once you find your flow, there will be no stopping you!

3. Start your morning by rolling a joint, packing your bowl, or loading your pen.

An almost-meditative way to kickstart the day, this tip complements the previous one. The simple act of preparation—never mind the consumption of the finished product—lays down a runway of tranquility and mindfulness from which you can take off when you smoke.


4. Leave yourself plenty of time to truly enjoy the process. 

The same way you sip an espresso, a morning smoke should be one that you enjoy slowly, purposefully, and without rushing. From brewing your coffee and packing your bowl to enjoying every yummy sip and releasing each mindful exhale, bring your full being to your morning wake ‘n bake.

5. Breathe, stretch, shake, and let it go! 

Coffee? Check. A couple of puffs from your Puffco Plus filled with Jack Herer Live Resin Budder from Cresco? Double-check! 

Our team all agreed that one of the key elements to getting your day started is to get yourself in a balanced headspace. We recommend setting aside 5-10 minutes before you tackle your to-do list for deep breathing, mindful meditation, stretching, or getting that body moving to your favorite music. It will help you release any stagnant energy from the previous day and overnight. We ~high~ly recommend all the above!

With these five practices, you’ll be up and at ‘em like all the CEOs of the world (arguably having more fun too). It’s almost like the phrase “Medicated & Motivated” was coined for people like us. 

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