Common Misconceptions About Weed

Throughout our daily activities, we often battle the stigmas surrounding recreational cannabis use and the myths that follow it. At Full Harvest Moonz, we value education and proper knowledge of cannabis to transform how users are viewed. Each misconception about cannabis is one step in the wrong direction. Today we will guide our readers in the right direction with the proper knowledge of cannabis to debunk these myths and stigmas.

What is a Stigma?

A social stigma is the disapproval or discrimination of an individual or group based on the perceived characteristics that set them apart from others. For years there has been a social stigma tied to those who use recreational cannabis and perceives these users as criminals that would perform deviant acts in society. However, that is precisely why it is a stigma. There is not and has never been any factual evidence linking crime or deviant acts to cannabis use. These stigmas have wreaked havoc on the community and aided the creation of various myths you hear daily about cannabis.

Cannabis Myths

Similar to many legalized drugs, there are many myths and misconceptions that non-users create to portray this recreational product as dangerous. Here are a few misconceptions we are ready to debunk about marijuana use.

All Medicinal Cannabis Products Get You High

As we see an increase in products utilizing CBD, we surely know that these products do not contain psychoactive properties. This myth was created by anti-cannabis advocates as a scare tactic but has been thoroughly debunked by the greater public education as CBD products have been found increasingly popular. From lotions, oils, and gummies, many people are taking advantage of CBD’s soothing and healing effects. Although we extract CBD from a cannabis plant, it cannot create a “high” as marijuana or THC can. Choose a CBD-infused oil, tincture, or other product to reduce stress and feel less anxious.

Cannabis Causes Brain Damage

Although Cannabis in adult use has been found to affect a person’s motor skills, attention span, and short-term memory, these symptoms are minimal in the long-term brain function of heavy users and non-users. This large misconception stems from the comparison of heavy alcohol consumption and how the consumption of cannabis must hold the same effect on the brain. However, alcohol consumption does damage the ends of neurons, making it difficult for them to relay messages to each other, but it does not kill brain cells. 

Cannabis Makes You Lazy

Another misconception of cannabis is that you become lazy; this ideology stems from one specific strain of cannabis. Indica is notoriously known for its euphoric, happy, and sleepy effects on the body. Commonly used as a nighttime strain, many non-users see these effects and immediately deem all cannabis users lazy, which is not valid. Many athletes, artists, and people with active lifestyles love to incorporate cannabis into everyday use, including energizing Sativa or mellowing CBD. The critical point about this statement is to educate yourself about each strain and its effects on the mind and body before grouping all users into the effects of one strain.

End Cannabis Misconceptions with Full Harvest Moonz

If the world of cannabis has taught us anything, it is that there are countless misconceptions about it. While debunking a few of many myths, our staff at Full Harvest Moonz is happy to help and provide helpful information about myths you have heard. Contact us today by visiting our recreational dispensaries in Haverhill and Lowell, or reach out online!

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