Declutter Your Life With THC

Are you looking for the perfect strain to boost your productivity to begin your fall cleaning? With Fall around the corner, everyone could use a guide to discard the mental and physical clutter accumulated from the summer. Here’s all you need to know about THC and its productive effects.

Does Weed Help You Focus

Cannabis stimulates mental focus by increasing dopamine levels in the brain. Whether you have an attention deficit or need a boost to push through your chores, consider the benefits cannabis can have on your routine. While weed is not always another choice for prescription stimulants for focus, it may be a feasible and helpful option for you, in addition to your everyday regimen.

Which Weed Strain is Best For Productivity?

The key to choosing the best cannabis strain for productivity is to choose a product that is not too high in THC. A balanced CBD and THC product will give you the best results for success. The right strain will leave you feeling motivated, energized, and determined to conquer your most challenging projects. Cannabis cannot motivate you to do your job, but it can motivate you to get started and enjoy the progress you make. Depending on your needs, cannabis drops may be all you need; specifically, Sativa cannabis drops are perfect for adding to your coffee and beginning your day on a high note. Will you start your morning with coffee and cannabis?

How Much Cannabis Should I Consume for My Productivity?

Sativa strains especially are linked to alertness; because of this, it is easy to feel like you have overdone it or have consumed too much cannabis. In this case, you should boost productivity with a microdose of THC. The last thing you want when trying to be productive is to feel “too high.” The best way to microdose is to aim for no more than 5mg of CBD or THC and wait to feel the effects before consuming more products. All the products at Full Harvest Moonz are carefully regulated and assure you that you know the correct amount of cannabinoids you want. 

Find Your Productivity Secret at Full Harvest Moonz

Take your productivity to the next level this season by decluttering your life with THC. At Full Harvest Moonz, our budtenders will help you make the proper selection to feel energized and motivated to conquer today and every day! Located in Haverhill, Massachusetts, Full Harvest Moonz staff look forward to seeing you and providing you with an unforgettable experience. Check out our full menu online and call us at (978) 702-4160 for more information.

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