The Different Types of Cannabis Vapes

Take a look around our Haverhill and Lowell cannabis dispensary and you’ll find a cannabis vape that fits any flavor or adventure!

A cannabis vape cartridge or “cart” is pre-filled with a cannabis concentrate and ready to heat up and smoke using a vaporizer battery device. Vapes are often sold in half-gram or one-gram increments, coming in a large variety of well-known cannabis strains full of rich flavor and potency. With a simple heat activation and vapor inhalation process, many consumers at our cannabis dispensary love cannabis vapes for their quick onset of effects and discreet consumption.

Step into our Haverhill dispensary and you’ll find flavorful and potent cannabis vape selections from brands like Nimbus, Happy Valley, and PAX.

Our Lowell dispensary has customer favorites like Fernway, Hellavated, and Coast Cannabis Co.

Yet, no matter what dispensary location is near you, you’re sure to find the best vape to fit your desired cannabis experience.

How To Smoke Cannabis Vapes

Smoking a cannabis vape means using a battery device to heat the atomizer in the cartridge, which activates the various compounds in the cannabis concentrate oil and produces vapor for inhalation. 

Whether it is for medical or recreational use, vapes are consumed in two common ways: either a 510-threaded battery device or offered in disposable vape form. 

  • 510 threads are named after the threading at the bottom of the cartridge at the top of most cannabis vape devices. This is typically the most universal threading for all vape carts you’ll find at our cannabis dispensary in MA, or nationwide. These 510 thread vape batteries also come with a USB or micro USB port to charge the battery between smoke sessions. 
  • Disposable vape pens are popular for its convenient design, containing the battery, cartridge, and mouthpiece all in one. Without having to refill a cartridge or recharge a battery, disposable vapes are useful for easy on-the-go consumption or when you’re interested in testing out a new cannabis vape strain.

What Does a Cannabis Vape Contain? 

When it comes to cannabis vapes, there are typically three key components needed to smoke: the vaporizer pen device, its battery, and the pre-filled cannabis vape cartridge itself (unless it’s a disposable vape, then these components are all included in the product). 

Aside from the mechanics of a cannabis vape, inside the actual cartridge is where all the goodness lies. Cannabis vapes can be filled with concentrates in the form of: 

  • Live Rosin 
  • Live Resin
  • Distillate oil
  • CBD or other cannabinoid isolates 
  • Full-spectrum cannabis oil

On top of the type of concentrate oil filled in cannabis vape carts, you’ll find a variety of cannabinoids and compounds:

What Do Cannabis Concentrates Contain?


These are aromatic compounds found in most plants in general. When it comes to cannabis vapes, terpenes play a significant role in contributing to the overall taste and aroma of different strains available. Cannabis vapes that are made from live rosin or resin concentrate will provide a more flavorful, robust terpene profile compared to cannabis distillate vapes. 

Not only does it provide a unique aromatic flavor profile to your vape, but terpenes contribute to the effects you experience when smoking a specific strain.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

The most well-known cannabinoid today, THC is directly responsible for the psychoactive high effect felt from smoking a cannabis vape.

CBD (Cannabidiol)

As a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD still has become widely popular in today’s recreational dispensary shelves for its numerous wellness benefits. The way CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system gives relief to pain, anxiety, and even anti-inflammatory properties in our bodies.

These cannabinoids and known terpenes barely scratch the surface to all of what cannabis encompasses. However, they are the most studied and frequent cannabinoids you’ll find in cannabis products from our dispensary at Full Harvest Moonz.

How To Choose Quality Cannabis Vape Cartridges

One glance around our Massachusetts recreational dispensary and you’ll find an unlimited supply of the best quality vapes in the state! The options for choosing the best cannabis vape cartridge for you can feel overwhelming.

Before you begin shopping vape cartridges at our cannabis dispensary, determining what devices and materials you already own or have in your possession will help make the best choice for you. For instance, do you have a 510 battery for a vape cartridge you want to purchase? Or will you choose a disposable vape for all in one functionality?

When finding the right cannabis vape for you, consider the desired high and effects you’re looking for.

  • Flavor: When it comes to the taste, do you want a smoke that is rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, contributing to a more plant and earthy taste? Or are you looking for a cannabis vape from a more pure and specific extraction process, like distillate vapes?
  • Experience: What is the desired high experience you’re looking for? What specific effects or points of relief are you seeking through your cannabis vaping experience?

When visiting either our Haverhill or Lowell locations, our friendly dispensary team is here to help guide you through the process of shopping through our vape options.

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