Splash into Summer with These 4 Cannabis Activities

The summertime season is here! At Full Harvest Moonz, we’re celebrating all that this summer solstice has to offer – this means enjoying a BBQ feast with family and friends, late summer nights camping under the stars, and exploring the great outdoors of Massachusetts.

No matter how you choose to live out your summer season, you can count on Full Harvest Moonz to be your one-stop shop for cannabis products to pair with your next summer adventure.

We’ve paired some of our favorite cannabis products with the best activities for the summer season. Check out these favorite cannabis products and activities to dive into this summer!

Explore & Camp in Nature 

Adventuring around parks, campgrounds, and nature reserves is a common summertime activity typically followed by various forms of outdoor activities and sports. What could make a camping trip better than packing your favorite cannabis products along for the weekend?

There are plenty of campsites and parks around the gorgeous state of Massachusetts, from the seaside of Cape Cod to the scenic woodlands right outside of Boston. Depending on where you end up exploring and doing, you have a few options of cannabis products to bring along for the adventure:

  •  This summer, elevate your next summer BBQ by bringing the ultimate cannabis edible to the party! Think of all the tasty munchies and snacks brought to a summer cookout – how can you put a cannabis-infused twist on a classic BBQ side dish? Bring these Bubby’s Baked cannabis-infused chocolate chip cookies and you’re bound to get major brownie points from your friends!

Organize a Puff ‘N Paint 

Cannabis has long been connected to creativity in consumers, as many correlate a strong relationship between the two. Tapping into your creativity with cannabis can help your mind open to new ideas and perspectives – plus, there’s no wrong way to go about it!

Find a scenic summer spot that inspires you to paint a landscape portrait, or gather a group of your friends to organize an arts and crafts hangout. No matter the kind of art activity you choose, pair it with your favorite cannabis product to get the creative juices flowing!

Go For a Swim

Especially with the intense heat of summer, going for a swim is always a fun and refreshing daytime activity!

  • Once you’ve grabbed your pool float and an eighth of fresh flower, get ready for the ultimate relaxing summer vibe! Roll up a fresh joint of Gelonade – the citrusy, fruity, and sweet flavors of this sativa-hybrid from Bask is sure to bring bliss and relaxation to any pool deck hangout.

Roam Around a Museum 

For those looking for a more indoors-based activity (or air conditioning on a hot summer day), visit your local museum or aquarium.

Gaze at the colorful school of fish swimming by in the tanks. Learn about a new artist or historical figure prominent in the Massachusetts area. History and art museums specifically are full of interesting artifacts and information worth learning about, and aquariums are home to many different fish and wildlife we don’t get to see in our everyday lives. Take a bite or puff of your favorite cannabis product before wandering a nearby museum or exhibit.

  • Take a few nibbles of a tasty edible and go gaze at the colorful school of fish swimming in the aquarium tank. Betty’s Eddies’ Go Betty Go Energy Edibles are bursting with watermelon flavor and have a rich blend of cannabis-infused CBD, THC, and natural caffeine so you’ll have enough energy to explore all wildlife at the aquarium.

Kick Off Your Summer Activities with Full Harvest Moonz 

The sun is shining, flowers are in full bloom, and the air is hot and humid in temperature. Summertime is in full swing and Full Harvest Moonz is equipped with the best quality products to pair with your summer adventure!

No matter the type of product you choose for your adventure, be sure to pack smart and responsibly! Bring a safe travel carrier for any products or items containing glass, plus a smell-proof jar for your stash and any extra additional smoke accessories you may need. (Nothing is worse than packing up your whole stash to go camping in the woods and realizing you forgot a lighter!)

Whether you’re near our Full Harvest Moonz recreational cannabis dispensary in the Haverhill or Lowell neighborhood, stop by to chat with our budtenders and find the best product to elevate your next summer activity!

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