Best THC Drinks for the Sober Curious

From Dry January to Sober October, sobriety has been top of mind lately.

It is widely accepted – and even expected in some cases – that alcohol is something we can use to manage stress, celebrate events, socialize with coworkers, or even get through life’s toughest moments, like unemployment or breakups.

Yet, as we bring mindfulness into the fold, it is becoming more mainstream to question the relationship we have with alcohol.

If this sounds like you, we have good news. There are ways to explore the sober curious lifestyle without completely giving up the fun around a social drink.

To help you in your journey, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite THC drinks that you can try so you can still get the buzz and all the flavor, without the negative effects of alcohol.

What is the sober curious movement?

The sober curious movement is an approach to alcohol that challenges individuals to become more present about when, how, why, and if they choose to drink.

The name comes from a 2018 book published by Ruby Warrington titled, “Sober Curious: The Blissful Sleep, Greater Focus, Deep Connection, and Limitless Presence Awaiting Us All On The Other Side of Alcohol.” This movement gained traction in recent years as people began to prioritize their overall well-being and seek alternatives to traditional drinking culture.

Though organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) have long preached abstinence and harm reduction, not everyone needs to completely do away with alcohol in their life.

Unlike sobriety, sober curiosity encourages people to make better, more mindful choices around their alcohol use. The sober curious movement is, therefore, ideal for people who tend to drink socially and do not have an addiction or dependence on alcohol.

If you find yourself:

  • Drinking socially even when you don’t actually crave or need to drink
  • Reaching for alcohol to pair with your meals for the taste more than the buzz
  • Relying on alcohol to get you through social events like dates or networking
  • Feeling unwell after a night of drinking, even moderately
  • Thinking about cutting back on alcohol but don’t feel the need or desire to quit completely

Then, the sober curious movement may be for you.

THC Drinks vs. Alcohol: Which one is better?

While both cannabis (specifically THC) and alcohol can have psychoactive effects that alter your thinking and coordination, they each have very different health effects.

Even if you are not drinking alcohol excessively, it can still have negative impacts, such as:

  • Dehydration
  • Inflammation
  • Hangovers
  • Upset stomach and nausea
  • High blood pressure
  • Poor sleep

Alcohol consumption can also have long-lasting effects. In fact, there are many chronic diseases and cancers linked with excessive intake.

On the other hand, there is not a lot of evidence that links any chronic diseases to cannabis. Of course, this may be because there is limited research available due to the federal legal status of the plant.

When it comes to benefits, alcohol has almost none. Any known benefits are mainly related to cardiovascular health (think: red wine) and only apply when consumed in moderation, about one drink per day.

As for cannabis, the health and medical benefits are numerous. After all, there’s a reason we have a whole medicinal cannabis industry dedicated to this very cause. Both infrequent and regular cannabis use has been shown to help:

Not to mention, there are plenty of recreational benefits as well.

Though alcohol is eons ahead of cannabis in terms of health-related research, the current comparison seems to suggest that cannabis has fewer long-term risks than alcohol.

With all that being said, true well-being for your mind, body, and spirit means there should be no shame in embracing the things you enjoy – including alcohol. 

If you enjoy both cannabis and liquor, that’s absolutely fine! For those times you don’t want a hangover the next day or you just want to try something different, THC drinks are a great option.

Top 4 THC Drinks to Try

THC drinks use a process called nanoemulsion to break down cannabis oils into tiny particles that make them water-soluble. These particles are then blended with a liquid, such as a seltzer or juice. You can even find drink mixes that allow you to add that THC effect to a glass of water!

Of course, as the cannabis industry evolves rapidly (especially in states like Massachusetts), there are tons of options out there. Both our Lowell and Haverhill locations offer cannabis beverages for you to try.

The team here at Full Harvest Moonz has tried it all, so we’ve rounded up our top four THC drinks for you to try. Whether you’re sober curious, looking for a new drink to enjoy, or just want to embrace cannabis, here are our favorites:


Levia cannabis-infused seltzers are one of the most popular cannabis drinks we have here at Full Harvest Moonz. Not only do these drinks have zero added sugars, but they are made with natural fruit flavors.

Both our Massachusetts dispensary locations carry several of their flavors, including Jam Berry (Dream), Lemon Lime (Celebrate), and Raspberry Lime (Achieve) as well as seasonal flavors like Key Lime Pie or Peach Tea.


A great option for beginners, Wynk is a THC seltzer with a perfect 1:1 balance of THC and CBD, meaning you will only experience a slight buzz. Bonus points for a quick onset time of 10-15 minutes, which means you can carefully pace yourself.

Our Lowell and Haverhill locations both carry all three flavors of Wynk, which include Lime Twist, Juicy Mango, and Black Cherry.


Vibations is a drink mix that is infused with both THC and natural caffeine (from guarana), making it both a cannabis drink and an energy drink!

Each Vibations packet is precision-dosed and made with all-natural ingredients. They also include vitamins and electrolytes in their formulations, meaning you get added hydration from these drinks.

We have three different flavors of Vibations drink mixes – Half and Half Iced Tea Lemonade, Peach Tangerine Tea, and Pomegranate Blueberry Acai – available only at our Lowell dispensary.

Happy Valley

Happy Valley has a new X-CELL NANO Stir Stix, which are powder drink mixes that are made perfectly for on-the-go consumption. All you have to do is add a packet to your water or beverage of choice and enjoy!

You can shop the Orange Pineapple pack, only at our Haverhill location. The 10-pack comes with individually-packed 5mg drink pouches.

Get your THC drinks from Full Harvest Moonz

The sober curious movement is growing – and we’re here for it. If you’re looking for alternatives to your favorite alcoholic drinks, cannabis beverages are the perfect thing for you.

From THC seltzers to powdered packets and more, experience the benefits of cannabis with these fascinating products. You never know when you could discover something new to add to your daily routine. 

Shop all our cannabis beverages online or visit us in-store at Lowell or Haverhill to talk to a budtender and find the best THC drink product for you.

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