The Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates

At our recreational cannabis dispensary in Lowell and Haverhill, you’ll find a wide selection of both solvent and solventless cannabis concentrate products. With a wide selection available, learn the difference between all concentrate options for the best cannabis experience!

What is a Solvent Extraction?

When it comes to solvent extractions, the steps of the process can look different depending on the result of the concentrate. 

In general, extracting and isolating different cannabinoids and cannabis compounds require solvents like ethanol, butane, propane, and CO2. These solvents help to agitate, separate, and purify these individual compounds. After extraction, the solvent is carefully purged, leaving behind a concentrated substance rich in cannabinoids. As a result, we get concentrates that have unique compound profiles crafted with care.


Distillate is a form of cannabis concentrate containing a broad spectrum of cannabinoids, compared to cannabis isolates that have only one cannabinoid.

The extraction method involves isolating and purifying the cannabinoids using butane, propane, or ethanol. The solvent and heat process form an agitation that removes the plant’s matter and impurities, causing the remaining extracted compounds to crystalize.


Using a solvent extraction process with butane, CO2, or ethanol, wax cannabis concentrates are whipped during the extraction process to incorporate air into the solid. This changes the consistency of the concentrate from a gooey, sticky substance to a thick, soft, and malleable form. As a result, the color can range from light yellow to dark brown, ranging in aromatic profiles depending on the cannabis strain used in extraction.

  • Root & Bloom’s Blue Cobra is a cannabis concentrate full of rich blueberry terpene flavors, available in a 3.5 gram wax bucket at our Haverhill dispensary.


Similar to wax, cannabis budder is named for its appearance and texture as a result of its airy extraction. With more whipping of the concentrate in the extraction process, the budder presents a softer and fluffier consistency. The color of cannabis budder often appears as light yellow or orange, resembling the look of actual cake badder.

  • Blue Gelato Butter is a budder cannabis concentrate made from Crispy Commissions.


Shatter is known for its thin, brittle, glossy appearance. This cannabis concentrate carmelizes after its extraction, creating a translucent and glass-like texture, making it most commonly dabbed when consumed.

  • Sanctuary Medicinals’ Honey Comb Shatter gives the sweet terpene flavor of honey in a sharp and brittle appearance, making this the best concentrate for dabs.


This is a crystallized form of cannabis concentrate that is solely composed of either CBD or THC. Ranging from a clear, sheer color to a cloudy yellow, diamonds are named after their small quartz crystal look that resembles a shining gem.


Otherwise known as Terp Sauce, this is a more liquidy form of cannabis concentrate extracted with a high terpene and cannabinoid retention. This allows the sauce to be one of the most flavorful, potent options when it comes to cannabis concentrates.

  • The Angry Ginger live sauce from Crispy Commission boasts not just THC, but THCA, and CBG for a well-rounded, astronomical high.

What is a Solventless Extraction?

In contrast, a solventless extraction means no solvent (such as butane, propane or ethanol) was used in the extraction process. Instead, excessive heat and pressure creates this solventless extraction into its final concentrated form.

Live Resin vs. Live Rosin

The “live” in both live resin and live rosin indicates that this cannabis flower has been freshly harvested and frozen right before the extraction process. The true difference between live rosin and live resin lies in how the extraction process is done. 

Live resin is classified by its solvent-based extraction method. This practice of live resin extraction allows the gentle drawing of terpenes, cannabinoids, and other beneficial compounds that provide a more well-rounded flavor and plant essence. 

The cannabis compounds in live resin are frequently extracted from the plant material during its freeze using a hydrocarbon blend of butane and propane that acts as the solvent. 

Rosin, on the other hand, is one of the most simple and traditional forms of concentrate production. Requiring low heat and high pressure, the whole cannabis plant is used in this process, widening the range of potent cannabinoids and compounds from cannabis. When thinking of solventless extractions, this is the purest example of this form of concentrate.


Hashish or “hash” is another traditional and simple form of cannabis concentrate. Made through a solventless extraction method, hash consists of the external sticky resin produced in the trichome’s glands (on the bud of the cannabis flower). These trichomes are what hold the good stuff – they’re full of potent THC and other cannabinoids that contribute to your overall high. 

This sticky, powdery resin from cannabis, otherwise known as kief, can be compacted with heat and pressure to create hash. This hash cannabis concentrate can be further classified by the type of extraction details used in the process (including the size of the micron bag used in extraction). 

  • Local Roots’ Soul Mate Hash gives a quick, heady high perfect for a day of relaxation.

How You Smoke Cannabis Concentrates

Whether it is for medical or recreational use, concentrates are consumed in various common ways. Keep in mind that different types of cannabis concentrates will have different textures and consistencies, making some easier to smoke in more ways than one.

  • Sprinkle a few crumbles of a tougher cannabis concentrate, like wax or crumble, inside your joint or blunt for an elevated smoke session. 
  • Wrap a liquidized coil of distillate or live resin oil around the outside of your joint or blunt.
  • Break a few pieces of budder or hash on top of your bowl or smoke pipe. 
  • Use a dab device, like an e-rig, dab rig, or vaporizer pen, to smoke a few hits of THC diamonds or live rosin. 
    • This is the most traditional way to smoke cannabis concentrates, otherwise known as dabbing. Taking a dab requires a blow torch or device to heat the dab rig before the concentrate is placed and melted in the nail.

No matter how you choose to enjoy your cannabis concentrate, be aware of the high THC content in these cannabis products. Concentrates can range from 40-80% in THC level, contributing to increased high effects. Consume slowly and responsibly!

What Do Cannabis Concentrates Contain?


These are aromatic compounds found in most plants in general. When it comes to cannabis concentrates, terpenes may be present in some forms of cannabis concentrates compared to others. These plant compounds are extremely volatile, meaning that certain extraction processes can deplete or destroy the terpene content in the process. 
However, many companies or brands are opting for more conservative extraction processes, or solventless methods, to preserve this terpene content and the overall flavor profile of the product in final form.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

The most well-known cannabinoid today, THC is directly responsible for the psychoactive high effect felt from smoking concentrates. Remember, in cannabis’ concentrated form, the level of THC present is high compared to other products such as edibles or flower. Consumers need to enjoy concentrates safely and responsibly.

CBD (Cannabidiol)

As a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD still has become widely popular in today’s recreational dispensary shelves for its numerous wellness benefits. CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system to provide a flurry of therapeutic effects. Oftentimes, concentrates like CBD diamonds are made with low levels of THC so you can enjoy the benefits without the strong high.

How To Choose Quality Cannabis Concentrates

One glance around our Massachusetts recreational dispensary and you’ll find flavorful cannabis concentrates of all kinds! The options for choosing the best cannabis concentrate for you can feel overwhelming.

When browsing the right concentrate product for you, consider the following:

  • Appearance: What method of consumption will you be using? This can help you determine which concentrate will be right for the job – remember, concentrates like shatter are tougher and more brittle than softer, fluffier concentrates like wax. 
  • Aroma: Do you prefer concentrates with a sweet or citrusy smell? Or a more earthy, musky, or skunky aroma profile?
  • Flavor: When it comes to the taste, do you want a smoke that has a well-rounded, robust flavor profile? Or a smoke that is more single, cannabinoid, or strain-sourced?
  • Experience: What is the desired high experience you’re looking for? What specific effects or points of relief are you seeking through your cannabis experience? 

When visiting either our Haverhill or Lowell locations, our friendly dispensary team is here to help guide you through the process of shopping through our cannabis concentrate options.

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