An Advanced Guide to Understanding Cannabis Concentrates

In a previous blog, we dived into an introduction to cannabis concentrates – we covered the different types of cannabis concentrates and the many methods of consumption.

However, concentrates are as complex as the cannabis plant itself. This standard information barely scratches the surface of the various forms of concentrates available for consumers today. Especially for even the most advanced concentrate consumers, there are certain tips and tricks to be learned to help you elevate your cannabis high experience.

In this blog, explore our top cannabis concentrates products and dab devices at Full Harvest Moonz dispensary.

How are Cannabis Extractions Made? 

When it comes to cannabis concentrates – shatter, budder, wax, distillate, rosin, resin, crumble, hash, or kief – the many different forms are often distinguished by the consistency and look of the result or its extraction process.

In general, there are two core extraction methods used for cannabis concentrates. Among these two forms are plenty of subcategories and additional methods of extraction. With that, understanding the difference between both solvent and solventless extractions helps choose the right concentrate product to enjoy.

Solvent Extraction 

This method of cannabis concentrate extraction is typically executed by commercial extractors looking to create a larger, mass volume of extract in an efficient amount of time. Solvent-based extraction methods use solvents (like ethanol, butane, propane, or carbon dioxide), to strip away the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other natural compounds and separate them from the plant material. Because of the use of solvents in this extraction method, a process called purging is required for this process. It includes using high-pressure air and critical temperatures to help evaporate and dissolve any leftover solvents that were used for the plant matter and cannabinoids in the extraction.

This ensures that any remaining chemicals or residues used in solvent-based extractions are safely removed before consumption. Cannabis concentrates or vape cartridges labeled “solvent-free” means they have been processed using this extraction process and safely purged for a clean product.

Solventless Extraction 

While following a similar process to solvent-based extractions, the key difference with solventless extractions is the absence of solvent chemicals. Instead, this extraction process uses advanced techniques that include high pressure, critical temperatures, and a filtration system to concentrate and collect these essential compounds (cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant compounds) from the plant material.

Without the use of harsh solvents or chemicals, solventless extracts are more accessible and utilized for at-home or small-batch extractions. Many craft concentrate consumers or cannaisseurs prefer solventless concentrates for this more natural extraction method. Yet in contrast, it often makes solventless extractions more labor-intensive. Additionally, no purging or dissolving of solvent residues is required with these extractions, which opts for an even cleaner cannabis concentrate product.

For instance, a concentrate like hash or live rosin is simply extracted using high heat and pressure to manually squeeze and extract cannabinoids from While water is a solvent in the purest form, “solventless” labeled cannabis products simply mean no chemical solvents were used – this does not include water.

Advanced Consumer Tips for Smoking Dabs

Whether you’re a new and advanced cannabis concentrate consumer or you dabble quite frequently, consider these consumer tips for smoking dabs and concentrates.

What is the highest quality cannabis concentrate?

Among the many forms of cannabis concentrates available at our Massachusetts recreational cannabis dispensary, there are some forms truly more potent than others. Crystallines are the purest forms of cannabis, where the THC and CBD are extracted and isolated from all other cannabinoids. With that being said, this pure isolate of cannabis crystals has no flavor or aroma profile preserved but is extremely potent with up to 99.9% THC content.

What is the easiest way to smoke concentrates?

A torch, banger, and dab rig are the most common way to consume cannabis concentrates. This is because extreme heat temperatures are needed to heat the concentrate, no matter the form, before consuming. With glass or silicone dab rigs, you simply heat the banger with a blow torch and apply your desired amount of concentrate. Wait a few minutes to allow the banger and dab to cool to a comfortable heat before inhaling.

Electronic dab rigs, or e-rigs, are a bit different. These electronic devices will automatically heat up to your desired temperature, no blow torch or waiting to cool down is required.

How do I clean my dab device? 

The process of cleaning your dab tools and products may be different depending on the device itself. To clean the banger or mouthpiece, take a Q-tip soaked in alcohol to wipe the inside or hard-to-reach places. For handheld devices such as Dip Devices or other concentrate dab pens, wipe down the main mouthpiece or suction of the unit.

Cannabis Concentrates & Dab Accessories We Love 

At Full Harvest Moonz, our shelves are stocked with endless cannabis concentrates for an exceptionally potent and flavorful cannabis experience. Remember that with cannabis concentrates, high potencies, and hot temperatures are involved, so be sure to start slow and low with your dosage.

Check out some of the latest cannabis concentrates and dab gear at both our Haverhill and Lowell dispensary locations.

Concentrates at Our Dispensary in Haverhill 

Whether you’re a loyal customer ready to stock up on your favorite concentrate product, or a returning consumer looking for a new flavor to smoke – our Haverhill cannabis dispensary offers everything needed to make your cannabis experience extraordinary.

  • Sanctuary Medicinal’s Sauce Jar is 4.2g of flavored cannabis sauce that is perfectly potent and packed with rich cannabinoids. This baller jar consists of a conglomerate of major cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBG, and more, to curate a full-spectrum high experience that is out of this world.
  • Harbor House Collective is a cannabis concentrate line offering a large selection of extraction methods and processes in their products. Their baller jars of 1g Live Rosin are labeled as a cold cure and with mixed microns – this means the flower has been freeze flash cured and used with a mixed source of particles to pass through in the filtration process.

With a wide variety of cannabis concentrates available on our Haverhill dispensary menu, our selection is constantly changing! Be sure to stop in and chat with our budtenders to learn more about our cannabis concentrate strains currently available.

Our Lowell Dispensary’s Cannabis Concentrates 

Our Full Harvest Moonz cannabis dispensary in Lowell carries a wide selection of the hottest brands and products in Massachusetts.

  • Available in 2.5g, Root & Bloom’s live resin baller jars are for advanced consumers looking to shop for concentrates in bulk. From strains like Ghostly Ginger and Ghost Dawg, each live resin concentrate is packed with serious potency and full spectrum flavor.

Stop by our Lowell location to check out the latest cannabis concentrate cultivars and baller jars at Full Harvest Moonz dispensary.

Shop All Cannabis Concentrates at Full Harvest Moonz 

Whether you’re seeking the bold intensity of live resin, the smoothness of distillate, or the well-rounded flavors of live resin – our comprehensive collection has something to satisfy every cannassieur’s palate.

Visit both Haverhill and Lowell dispensary locations to see just how dedicated our friendly team of budtenders is to help you shop concentrates based on your desired experience.

Our team is always looking to hear about what brands and cannabis products you want to see at Full Harvest Moonz! Each of our Haverhill and Lowell dispensary locations has a chalkboard for you and customers to write your suggested recommendations.

When you choose Full Harvest Moonz dispensary for your cannabis concentrate needs, you’re choosing premium quality, variety, and commitment to helping navigate your cannabis journey.

Visit both Massachusetts dispensary locations today or shop online to pre-order and pick up cannabis concentrates today!

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