Decoding the History Behind ‘420’

As the winter season ends and spring blossoms into full effect – it’s that time of the year to celebrate the greatest holiday in cannabis!

April 20th (4/20) holds a cherished spot in the hearts of modern cannabis enthusiasts. Whether it’s sharing a joint with your best buds, hosting a cannabis-infused soirée, or joining in the wide variety of worldwide smoke sessions and events, 420 has become a global cannabis culture phenomenon.

However, just like most of cannabis history, the origin story of 420 is a hazy one. The number is referenced throughout pop culture, music, and art for its strong ties to cannabis. Yet, the exact origin of this unofficial holiday has long sparked debate. Join us as we delve into the evolution of the beloved holiday and its significance to our Massachusetts dispensary!

Meet ‘The Waldos’

In 1971, a group of friends who called themselves ‘The Waldos’ embarked on an adventure after school. A Coast Guard member whom they befriended had left the group a map to a neglected cannabis plant hidden in the woods nearby. With the map in hand, The Waldos planned to meet every day after their post-school activities, at 4:20pm, until they found the cannabis plant. Legend says they would meet behind the school during this time and smoke a joint before setting off on their quest to find the mysterious plant.

Their escapades, although filled with laughter and friendship, did not lead to the cannabis plant they were in search of. Instead, what the mission led to was a worldwide cultural phenomenon.

Sparking a Cultural Sensation

The Waldos grew up and went their separate paths, but the 420 lingo continued on its legacy. The friend group’s ties to the rock & roll music scene, and particularly The Grateful Dead, further fueled this phrase.

From there, ‘420’ swiftly became ingrained in cannabis culture:

  • By 2003, California codified the medical marijuana law as SB 420.
  • Breweries began creating 420-themed beers nationwide.
  • ‘420’ is associated with various music genres, particularly with artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, and Bob Dylan.

Although the lingo seemed trivial and coded for one specific friend group, little did they know ‘420’ would spark a worldwide cannabis cultural phenomenon as we know it today.

The Impact of 420 Today

Long before legalization, April 20th served as a day for global cannabis enthusiasts to unite and defy stigma. From smoke sessions with friends to rallies advocating for the plant, 420 remains a cornerstone of cannabis culture.

Even as legalization progresses, 420 continues to drive the industry forward. Dispensaries and retail shops all over Massachusetts host various events and brand activations to celebrate the biggest day of cannabis culture!

Celebrating 4/20 with Full Harvest Moonz

This year, Full Harvest Moonz is beyond excited to celebrate the best day in cannabis! Both our Haverhill dispensary and Lowell dispensary locations are hosting fun-filled celebrations, filled with food and brand vendors and exclusive deals and promotions all day long! Check out our events page for more information on our specials!

Order ahead online and pickup your order, or stop by to say ‘high’ and celebrate cannabis culture this 4/20 at Full Harvest Moonz!

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