Debunking Common Cannabis Myths

4 Cannabis Myths Debunked 

Cannabis has been around since Ancient times, but it has been the center of controversy and injustice for many decades. Not only has this caused an impact on marginalized communities, but it has created a negative stigma and judgment around the plant. 

As more states move towards legalizing medical or recreational cannabis, it becomes increasingly important for consumers to see between cannabis information that is fact and fiction.

Let’s explore some of the most common misconceptions about cannabis and dive into the research and truths that we know to dispel these myths. 

What Are Some Common Cannabis Myths? 

Despite being used since Ancient times for therapeutic and medicinal purposes, cannabis has historically caused great injustice for marginalized communities for many decades. 

This status and past prohibition of pot have caused myths and misconceptions around the topic for decades. As more states legalize medical or recreational cannabis, consumers need to stay aware of the facts and false statements about cannabis. 

Read on to learn some of the most common misconceptions around cannabis and the research and truth we know. 

1. Myth: People Can Die of an Overdose from Cannabis


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), statistically, there have been no deaths to stem specifically from smoking or consuming too much cannabis. 

In general, an overdose involves consuming an excessively large dose of a specific drug that may cause or risk severe health issues or death, depending on the amount consumed. Compared to opioids or alcohol, cannabis does not suppress vital functions within the body that could lead to fatality. 

However, it is true that you can over consume cannabis. Consuming too much cannabis, particularly with high doses of THC, can lead to discomfort and adverse effects such as anxiety or paranoia. In that case, try sniffing or chewing some black peppercorns or consuming a product with high CBD, to help counteract the effects of feeling too high. Overall, the risk of fatal overdoses is pretty rare.

2. Myth: Cannabis is Extremely Addictive


Contrary to popular belief, cannabis is not as addictive as once thought. While some specific pain medications or pharmaceuticals can spark addictive behaviors, cannabis is not a plant that is part of that mix. Compared to nicotine or opioids, cannabis is considered to have a relatively low addiction potential. One study suggests only around 9% of cannabis users develop a dependence from consumption, compared to 32% of tobacco users and 15% of alcohol users. 

Additionally, states where medical or recreational cannabis is legal have shown a direct correlation between cannabis product availability and a decrease in opioid abuse and addiction. Many who have struggled from the consumption abuse of opioids or pain medications have found a more holistic and safe alternative for pain management through the help of medical cannabis. 

3. Myth: Cannabis Use Causes Cancer


Let’s be real, no matter what it is, nothing directly inhaled and absorbed in your lungs is ultimately safe for you in the long run. While cannabis may be safer to smoke compared to tobacco or nicotine, users may still run the risk of harmful long-term effects from smoke inhalation. 

The complex truth of this cannabis myth is due to the ongoing research around cannabis and how it interacts with our bodies. Scientists do know that specific cannabinoids have active compounds with potential therapeutic benefits. For instance, in a blind-mice clinical study, scientists have found cannabigerol (CBG) may have the potential to inhibit the growth of cancerous cells. It also suggests that cannabinoids like CBG induce apoptosis, or programmed cell death, in certain types of cancer. 

Additionally, you can practice alternative safe consumption methods by exploring the various consumption methods and cannabis products on our recreational dispensary menu – like edibles or infused beverages. 

4. Myth: Cannabis Leads to Higher Crime Rates in Neighborhoods


The notion that cannabis use is a precursor to criminal behavior or the use of harder drugs is a myth and a negative stereotype of the plant stemmed from the War on Drugs. This was a time when cannabis was prohibited across the country, and many communities of people were marginalized with harsh stereotypes toward them and the plant. 

However, more research, reports, and the ongoing legalization of cannabis have worked to debunk this false narrative. While connections between cannabis use and other substances exist, it’s not an absolute causation.

In many cases, cannabis legalization in some states has been associated with reduced crime rates.


Shifting the Negative Stigma at FHM Recreational Cannabis Dispensary 

No matter the mythical narrative or factual statement you know about the plant, the truth is we need federal legalization and funding to allow more innovative research and exploration around the plant. 

Remember, cannabis is still a potent plant for its medicinal and therapeutic properties. Recreational cannabis products at our dispensary are for adults over the age of 21 and should be safely stored away from children or animals when not in use. 

When you visit our Haverhill or Lowell cannabis dispensary, our friendly budtenders are always happy to answer any canna-curious questions you may have about our amazing products or cannabis in general. You can also stay up to date on the latest cannabis education tips on our FHM Blog!

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