The Different Types of Cannabis Pre-Rolls

Pre-rolls are made simply using cannabis flower, but there are many different options and types available at our Massachusetts dispensary. Like traditional cannabis flower, pre-rolls will mainly come in sativa, hybrid, or indica strain options. Browse either our Haverhill or Lowell dispensary menu, and you’ll find pre-roll options like:

1g Pre-Roll

For those looking for a quick and easy smoke, single 1g joints come with a convenient dose of 1g of strain-specific flower. No additional smoke accessories are required for this type of product – only a lighter to spark up, then enjoy!

Pre-Roll Multi-Packs

Pre-roll multi-packs are a great option for those who are interested in more than a 1g joint. These multi-pack products can include either two or more 1g joints or some multi-packs also feature around 5 or more .5g pre-roll options. At our MA dispensary, our customers love multi-pack pre-roll options to take on the go for their adventures and active lifestyles.

Infused Pre-Roll

For an even more enhanced experience, infused pre-rolls offer joints where the flower is infused with a cannabis concentrate or other cannabinoids, offering a more potent and flavorful twist on the traditional pre-roll product. 

With the many ways to enjoy pre-rolls, these premade joints provide a convenient and customizable way to enjoy cannabis for any type of cannabis user! 

We recommend choosing the best strain and cannabis classification to match your desired effect or experience. 

Browse through the extensive selection of pre-rolls at our Haverhill dispensary, featuring Massachusetts-based cannabis brands like Nature’s Heritage, and Happy Valley. 

Our Lowell dispensary has multiple packs of pre-rolls from The Heirloom Collective and Bask Cannabis Co. 

Yet, no matter what dispensary location is near you, you’re sure to find the best pre-roll in Massachusetts to fit your desired high experience.

How To Smoke Pre-Rolls

Considering its pre-made and prepared, cannabis pre-rolls are simple to smoke and consume. Simply open up the pre-roll container, light the end of the joint, inhale, and enjoy!

What Do Cannabis Pre-Rolls Contain?

Similarly to cannabis flower, pre-rolls contain an abundance of different cannabinoids, terpenes, and compounds harvested from the cannabis plant.


These are aromatic compounds found in most plants in general. When it comes to cannabis products, terpenes play a significant role in contributing to the overall taste and aroma of different strains. Not only does it provide a unique aromatic flavor profile to cannabis, but terpenes contribute to the effects you experience when smoking a specific strain.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

The most well-known cannabinoid today, THC is directly responsible for the psychoactive high effect felt from smoking pre-rolls.

CBD (Cannabidiol)

As a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD still has become widely popular in today’s recreational dispensary shelves for its numerous wellness benefits. The way CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system gives relief to pain, anxiety, and even anti-inflammatory properties in our bodies.

These cannabinoids and known terpenes barely scratch the surface of all that cannabis encompasses. However, they are the most studied and frequent cannabinoids you’ll find in cannabis products from our dispensary at Full Harvest Moonz.

How To Choose Quality Pre-Rolls at Our MA Dispensary

Our Massachusetts dispensary offers an endless supply of high-quality pre-rolls! When finding the right cannabis pre-roll option for you, consider the following:

  • What is the quality of the flower in the pre-roll? What are the contents of the pre-roll? Is it made from quality cannabis flower that has been properly dried and trimmed? Or does it contain shake, the loose and fragmented dust or crumbs of cannabis flower?
  • What’s the profile of cannabinoids and terpenes in this product? Is this an infused pre-roll product? Identify the cannabinoid and terpene content from the product’s CoA (Certificate of Analysis). Ask a budtender for more information on the product’s cannabinoid content!
  • Experience: What is the desired high experience you’re looking for? What specific effects or points of relief are you seeking through your cannabis experience?

When visiting either our Haverhill or Lowell locations, our friendly dispensary team is here to help guide you through the process of shopping through our pre-roll options.

Buy Cannabis Pre-Rolls at Our Dispensaries in Haverhill and Lowell

You can shop Full Harvest Moonz's wide variety of pre-roll products either online or directly at our Haverhill and Lowell dispensary locations.


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