Cooking with Cannabis 101

Edibles have revolutionized the way we experience cannabis. Not only do edibles offer a discreet and smoke-free option for consumers, but they also open up a world of creative possibilities in the kitchen.

At our adult-use cannabis dispensary, new and innovative products are continuously hitting our shelves, making it easier than ever to experiment with your favorite recipes. Learn the best tips for how to cook with cannabis, and get inspired with some infused ingredients from our Full Harvest Moonz dispensary!

Innovative Ways to Eat Your Weed

These days, edibles go beyond your average weed brownie or gummy! Cannabis edibles in Massachusetts are breaking out of the norm with innovative infusions and recipes crafted to enhance and elevate your favorite foods and flavors.

Full Harvest Moonz is excited to offer a wide variety of cannabis edible options for our consumers. From martini-inspired gummies, energizing dissolvable drink mixes, decadent chocolates, fresh baked goods, and even literal chill pills – there’s a cannabis edible for every sweet tooth or craving!

Aside from the incredible list of edibles at our Haverhill or Lowell cannabis dispensary, many customers also come visit Full Harvest Moonz interested in creating their own cannabis recipes or infused foods. Cooking with cannabis is not only a fun way to get creative in the kitchen, but it allows you to expand and experiment in ways you can consume and connect with the plant.

Luckily, there are a few different ways to cook with cannabis. These best option for you depends on what you’re cooking, your desired edible dose, and the cannabis ingredient you’ve sourced.

How to Cook With Cannabis

There are a few different ways you can cook with cannabis, depending on the recipe or edible you’re looking to create. Let’s explore some options for infused ingredients when cooking with cannabis.

Cannabis Oils & Butters

One of the most popular techniques for cooking cannabis edibles involves infusing cannabis into cooking oils or butter. This allows it to be a versatile ingredient that can be used in most baking or cooking recipes.

  • Decarboxylating cannabis activates all the potent cannabinoids, such as THC, in the flower, without burning off these compounds. This exposure to heat and air activates the cannabis so when consumed, you’ll still experience the psychoactive effects of THC.
  • Next, heat the oil or melt the butter and slowly mix and infuse the decarboxylated cannabis. Allow for about 1-3 hours for your infusion to cool and settle before mixing in with other ingredients.

RSO and Cannabis Syringes

Cannabis oils often come in syringes for easy dosing and application. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a potent extract that provides a concentrated dose of cannabinoids. With this form of cannabis product, you can skip the DIY cannabis decarboxylation for butter and oil, and simply mix in the RSO into your butter, oil, or other ingredients.

  • At our Lowell dispensary, you’ll find Nature’s Heritage RSO Syringe. This Rick Simpson Oil product is heavily potent, just a dab or two into your baking mix or cooking oil and you’ll enhance full spectrum flavor in any dish!

Chocolate Cannabis Bars

Get creative in the kitchen with decadent cannabis-infused chocolate bars! These delectable treats elevate any dessert or sweet and come in various dark, milk, or white chocolate flavors. Experiment with melted cannabis-infused chocolate drizzled as a topping, or try fruits and cookies dipped in chocolate.

  • Stop by our dispensary in Haverhill for Coast Cannabis Co.’s Maple Walnut Cannabis Chocolate. This bar is infused with 10mg of THC per square. Made with organic milk chocolate with chopped walnuts and pure maple sugar crystals, this infused chocolate makes the ultimate dessert ingredient!

Get Inspired with Cooking Cannabis at Full Harvest Moonz

For both expert chefs and passionate bakers, cooking with cannabis opens up a world of possibilities! With a variety of innovative products available at our dispensary in Massachusetts, experimenting with cannabis-infused edibles has never been more fun!

Visit either our Lowell or Haverhill cannabis dispensary to chat with our budtenders and explore the range of products to infuse into your next baking recipe or savory dish. For more tips on consuming and cooking with cannabis, visit our blog page for cannabis recipes and education!

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