How Do I Know What Strain Is Right For Me?

How do you find the perfect strain or know which one is right for you? There are a lot of cannabis strains out there, and figuring out which one works for you can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Based on your symptoms and goals with cannabis, we have created a guide to finding the right strain for you. Whether you intend to have a coffee and cannabis routine or need something just before sleep, being educated and finding your perfect strain is essential to elevating your experience.

Cannabis Strains

Our first step of advice is to identify the strains and their effects to match them with how you want to feel. There are three strains to identify: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Each plant category comes with different physical characteristics. To keep it simple, Indica is most often used during the nighttime and produces relaxing and calming effects on the body. Sativa is commonly used during the daytime because of its energetic and uplifting effects on the body. Hybrid strains, hence the name, are a cross between Sativa and Indica and provide effects of both strains. A Hybrid strain varies depending on whether it has more of a dominance in Sativa or Indica. This information can be found in the product descriptions.

Popular Strains

Strawberry Larry Cannabis Strain

When ordering online from your favorite dispensary, you browse through various strains with different effects. Every strain provides descriptions of its potency (THC content), expected effects, what it helps with, and flavors or aromas you can expect when using it. 

Generally, when choosing a popular strain, the website and reviews will describe how you can expect to feel. Remember that cannabis affects everyone differently; your friend’s favorite strain may not be your favorite. It is essential to consider your goals and what you want to get from your high before choosing your strain.

Determine Your Goals

When looking to see how you can benefit from cannabis, it is crucial to find a cannabis menu that will provide you with suitable options for the activities or feelings you are looking for during your high. Bud Tenders are very knowledgeable and sort the strains according to the effects you want. Whether hiking a mountain, getting some well-deserved rest, or treating chronic pain, different strains of cannabis can create these effects to achieve your goals. Getting the most out of your cannabis experience is very important. When visiting a dispensary in-store, you can clearly state your goals and find your perfect strain and method.

Choosing The Right Dispensary

There are many decisions to make when entering a dispensary, such as flowers, edibles, tinctures, or vapes. At Full Harvest Moonz, our Bud Tenders look forward to educating you and helping you choose the right strain for you and your experience. Full Harvest Moonz is a dispensary located in Haverhill, MA that offers recreational cannabis to everyone over the age of 21. Call us today at (978) 702-4160 or order online

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