THC & Tailgating

It’s time for Football season to return and, of course, the tailgating that goes along with it. This season we are going to focus on how to combine our favorite things and enhance our team spirit! You may have heard of exotic edibles such as dipping sauce, popcorn, and even Hemp brews, but we have all your favorite reliable options to get you ready for game day. How do you plan to spend this season? Follow along to see our favorite choices and ideas this season to make your tailgate experience one you won’t forget. 

Cannabis Infused Seltzers

Ever wonder what it is like to drink a cannabis-infused seltzer with zero calories? Now you can with Levia offered at Full Harvest Moonz. Cannabis seltzers provide a fast and predictable onset, consistent experience, and, the best part, no hangover. Levia will elevate your game day in a 5mg 12oz can. The strains of this seltzer are Hybrids and Indicas. This seltzer offers lemon-lime(Hybrid) and jam berry(Indica) flavors. 

Chocolates & Chews

Stay energetic this game day with chocolate and chews to last you through the game! Whether you want to go all in or microdose this game day, check out these edibles to keep you focused on the game. We have you covered whether you are looking for a tasty treat or something to boost your energy levels. Choose any of these options on game day to enhance your experience and keep you pumped!

Raspberry Dark Chocolate

This Coast Cannabis Co. dark chocolate bar is one every chocolate lover is bound to enjoy. The Dark Chocolate bar uses a blend of Peru and Dominican Republic cocoa beans. These 60% cacao bars embody the acidity and aromas of ripe fruit and feature 100mg throughout the bar. 

Churro Milk Chocolate

Enjoy a higher chocolate experience with Kiva’s churro milk chocolate bar. This sweet bar contains 5mg of THC per serving and is dusted in cinnamon and infused with cold water hash extract to resemble a delicious fresh churro dipped in chocolate.

Cannatini Gummies

Get the taste of your favorite sangria through these tropical Sativa gummies that provide notes of pineapple with a mellow pear finish. These chews are crafted to enhance a good time and taste great. Look for Cannatini to elevate your experience.


Are you looking for a longer high? The effects of vaping weed are much stronger than smoking and are often safer. These concentrated oils are much more convenient for tailgating and everyday use. Start this game day your way with coffee and cannabis

Fernway- Mandarin Orange

Get active this week with our new Fernway vape cartridge! This Sativa strain will give you a fresh and sweet flavor, like a fresh glass of orange juice squeezed for you. This is the perfect sweet citrus vape cartridge to get into the game and bring the spirit!

Game Day with Full Harvest Moonz

Stop in this game day to find your favorite THC & Tailgating options. Click here to explore the options listed above or shop the whole menu. For additional questions or recommendations from our budtenders, visit our location in Haverhill, MA, or call us at 978.702.4160. We look forward to meeting you!

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