5 Elevated Spring Activities in Massachusetts

As the days grow longer and the chill in the air turns to a gentle warmth, there’s no better time to get outside and embrace the beauty of spring – especially here in Massachusetts. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or curious about incorporating a little green into your springtime adventures, we’ve got plenty of great products for you to elevate your spring adventures!

Spring Activities to Pair with Cannabis in Massachusetts

Spring in Massachusetts is bursting with high vibes and exciting energy – from local festivals and events like vibrant Patriot’s Day celebrations in April to the various flower and garden festivals. With the sunshine out and flowers in full bloom, get ready to grab your cannabis goods and edibles and step out into the world for an elevated springtime adventure! 

Tee Off with a Twist

When it comes to practicing mindfulness and enjoying the outdoors, golfing is a fantastic activity that can be further enhanced when adding cannabis to the mix.

Picture this: you’re on the green, surrounded by the lush landscape of a Massachusetts golf course. As you select your club, you take a moment to enjoy a sip of your Honeycat’s 5mg infused cannabis cold brew. Instead of alcohol, this infused coffee cold brew sharpens your focus and keeps you energized for a long round of springtime golf.

Stay High & Happy Trails

Spring is the perfect season to explore the vast and mountainous landscape Massachusetts has to offer. Whether you’re walking the serene paths of the Crystal Gorge Conservation Area in Haverhill or taking on the more challenging terrain of the Rogers Fort Hill Park in Lowell, incorporating a Sativa-dominant edible might just make those vibrant greens look greener and those spring blooms smell sweeter. Plus, edibles are typically a more discreet and convenient option for hiking outdoors – bringing along some fast-acting Sanctuary Quickies Fruit Punch edibles when hiking outdoors means you can enjoy the elevated high on your hiking adventure, without having to pack your smoking accessories or gear.

Cast a Line and Chill

Fishing is another meditative activity that pairs wonderfully with cannabis. Imagine sitting by the tranquil waters of the Merrimack River early in the morning, rod in hand, and a pre-roll from Number 9 Collective’s Doob Cube pack in the other. Whether you’re hoping to catch the big fish of the day or just enjoy the peaceful vibes by the water, let these cannabis pre-rolls bring “leisurely fishing” to a whole new level.

An Infused Picnic in the Park

Nothing sounds more classic than a lovely spring picnic! Plan an elevated picnic in places like the Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest, and you’ve got the perfect backdrop. Stop by Full Harvest Moonz to snag some cannabis-infused snacks to add to the picnic basket — we recommend something refreshing like Vibation’s 5mg THC Peach Tangerine Tea mix, or Bubby’s Baked Blueberry 5mg muffin bites. Lay back on your blanket, enjoy your infused snacks, and soak up the sun filtering through the new leaves.

Gardening with a Green Thumb

Spring is a time of growth and working in your garden! Whether you’re planting flowers or vegetables, gardening can be even more rewarding with a little cannabis on the side to keep you zen and in the moment. Hit a few puffs of a Happy Valley vape like the Orange Blossom dispensary vape to get you in the hippie gardening mindset.

Spring into a Full-Spectrum Cannabis Experience at Full Harvest Moonz

Spring in Massachusetts is a season of renewal and joy, and at Full Harvest Moonz, we believe in enhancing those splendid spring days with the perfect cannabis experience.

No matter what activity or hobby you enjoy immersing yourself in during this springtime in Massachusetts, we have the strains and products to complement every moment or activity. Stop by our recreational cannabis dispensary in Lowell or Haverhill to find the best selections for your spring adventures.

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