3 Products to Help You Elevate Romance with Cannabis

Love is in the air – and have you heard the latest buzz? Cannabis can make your romantic moments even more special!

With the fascinating science and research that continues to unravel with cannabis and wellness, many of the benefits are linked to a more elevated and enhanced intimate experience. Learn how cannabis can take your romance to a new height, and the best products from our Full Harvest Moonz dispensary that are favored for elevating a little romance.

The Magic of THC & CBD

Major cannabinoids like THC and CBD engage with the body’s endocannabinoid system when consumed. This combination of cannabinoids binds and connects with CB1 and CB2 receptors in our body, influencing many physiological processes – stress, appetite, memory, motor control, reproduction, metabolism, and many other actions in the central nervous system.

While plenty of studies have shown cannabis, in moderate doses, helps to regulate stress and anxiety levels, the research also indicates cannabis offers an enhanced level of intimacy.

When consumed, these cannabinoids stimulate neurotransmitters throughout the body to associate with pleasure responses, sparking a sensually enhanced experience between partners.

Getting Intimate with the Essence of Cannabis

Cannabis, whether consumed medically or recreationally, contributes many benefits and therapeutic effects that have been found to alleviate symptoms and discomfort in men and women. 

While there are numerous studies and sources of information constantly sharing new insights on the plant, there is very little scientific research on cannabis and libido due to the plant’s negative stigma. What we do know about the influence of cannabis and sex is mainly based on the effects it induces – relaxation, sensation, and bliss.

  • Less Tension, More Relaxation

With the many strains and products designed to relieve stress and tension, cannabis can be an ideal icebreaker for a more intimate connection.

  • High Sensations

One recent clinical study suggests that cannabis consumption may influence an increased sexual libido and heighten intimate sensation – including touch, taste, smell, and sound.

  • Setting the Mood

Similar to strains with terpene profiles resembling relaxation, many cannabis products can contribute to a more mood-enhancing experience in the bedroom.

Our dispensary in Massachusetts offers a carefully selected range of cannabis products that can help customers alleviate chronic pain, improve sleep, and enhance relaxation and moodeven in the bedroom!

Bring Cannabis To Bed! Best Products for Cannabis and Romance from Full Harvest Moonz Dispensary

Stop by our Full Harvest Moonz dispensary in Haverhill or Lowell and find a product to enhance your romance this Valentine’s Day.

1906 Love Drops

1906 Love Drops are aphrodisiac cannabis pills with love-enhancing properties and increased sensuality. These meticulously crafted love drops contain a blend of 2.5mg THC & 2.5mg CBD, plus other botanicals like ashwagandha to enhance mood and relaxation. 1906 Love Drops set the mood for a perfect moment of intimacy.

Bring these microdose cannabis capsules out on your next date night – available at either our Haverhill or Lowell dispensary!

Coast Cannabis Co Milk Chocolate

Nothing says romance quite like chocolate! Elevate this Valentine’s Day chocolate with Coast Cannabis Co. Milk Chocolate. Indulge in the luxurious combination of 10mg of cannabis and fine chocolate in each bite.

Grab this infused cannabis chocolate bar at our Lowell or Haverhill dispensary share a piece and savor the delightful taste with your partner.

Betty’s Eddies Smashin Passion

Betty’s Eddies are hand-crafted edibles with 5mg of THC and elevated euphoria with each fruity chew. These delectable gummies blend the sweetness of organic passion fruit with the full-spectrum effects of THC to create sweet, delightful relief for a romantic evening.

Add bursts of flavor to the bedroom – stop by Full Harvest Moonz in Haverhill or Lowell to shop Betty’s Eddies and more love-enhancing treats!

Enhance Your Romance with Cannabis

As cannabis becomes more legalized and researched, we’re discovering new ways to incorporate it into our lives – even our most intimate moments.

When it comes to enhancing romance, get in touch with your sensual side and explore all the cannabis products Full Harvest Moonz has to offer! Remember to start slow and low with your dosage, communicate openly with your partner, and relax and indulge in the intimate connection between you and…cannabis!

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