Tips for Managing Holiday Stress with Cannabis

Let’s face it, the holidays can be a rollercoaster of emotions and responsibilities. From gift shopping to family gatherings, the to-do list seems endless. But worry not, Full Harvest Moonz’s cannabis dispensary is your holiday one-stop shop for a more relaxed and enjoyable holiday experience.

Whether you’re craving an infused holiday chocolate or a little bit more “green” to add to your festivities, browse our MA dispensary menu to feel jolly and in the holiday spirit in no time!

Is it Normal to Feel Stressed During the Holidays?

In general, the winter season can take a toll on our mood and mental health. No matter if you’re hosting a wonderful festive celebration or missing a loved one during the holidays, this season can bring on overwhelming or exhausting stress for many.

Just like holiday traditions, stress during this time of year can look different for everyone:

  • Hosting dinner parties for family and friends
  • Running last minute errands
  • The expenses of holiday shopping
  • Unexpected weather or travel delays
  • The list can go on and on!

The American Psychological Association reports that 49% of adults in the U.S. say their stress levels to be “moderate” during November – January. Additionally, 41% of this group claims these stress levels often double during this time.

Today, many new and experienced consumers are turning to cannabis as a stress-free solution to the holidays:

  • One-third of users surveyed report that they’re likely to serve infused cannabis foods or desserts during the holiday season.
  • 65% of users report their intention to consume cannabis during the holidays
  • And more than half (54%) said they plan to share their cannabis and products with friends and family during this season.

With an influx of consumers incorporating cannabis for a blissful holiday season, let’s learn how the science of cannabis in our bodies helps to mitigate stress.

The Science Behind Cannabis & Stress 

Ever wonder why a well-timed smoke session can turn your stress into bliss? It’s not just magic – it’s science!

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) plays a crucial role in stress regulation. When cannabinoids and cannabis compounds are consumed or ingested, they’re absorbed into the bloodstream and bind with receptors in the ECS to send specific signals and messages throughout the body and other systems.

Considering the numerous functions and roles of the ECS, the main goal is to continuously regulate balance within the body. When our bodies feel off, whether it’s from a stressful day, bodily aches and pains, or an unbalanced mood, cannabinoids can bind to these receptors to help regulate the ECS back to homeostasis. 

With the ongoing rollout of cannabis legalization in the country, many scientific studies and trials are further evaluating the efficacy of cannabis to help manage stress levels.

The study revealed that participants who received CBD demonstrated a significant decrease in anxiety levels compared to those who received the placebo. The anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) effects of CBD were observed both during and after the simulated public speaking task.

  • Another clinical study conducted by the University of Illinois Chicago explored the relationship between THC and stress relief. The research suggests that while low doses of THC may provide great stress relief, larger doses may risk exacerbating the stress effects. These findings proved the importance of understanding the impact of THC depending on the dosage, where the cannabinoid’s effects vary based on the amount consumed.

While studies and clinical trials continue to examine the efficacy of THC and CBD in mitigating stress, it’s important to note these differences in effects and results that can arise. A better understanding of exactly how these cannabinoids work to manage stress in our bodies will help us reach a more relaxed and balanced bliss for this holiday season and any time!

THC vs. CBD for Stress

When it comes to managing stress, understanding the difference between THC and CBD will help you better understand and optimize your cannabis wellness experience. What sort of effects of cannabis experience are you looking for?

THC, the most commonly sought out cannabinoid, is the one responsible for the euphoric high often associated with cannabis. It can be a stress-buster, but the catch is that too much of a THC dose might sometimes lead to overwhelming anxiousness or paranoia.

On the flip side, CBD doesn’t get you high but provides a flurry of therapeutic benefits that act like a soothing balm to your body. It can take the edge off stress without the mind-altering effects. Think of it as the deep breath you take when things get a bit too overwhelming.

The decision to take CBD or THC for stress management is solely up to you, your tolerance, and what desired effects you’re looking for. It’s all about finding what floats your boat in the sea of relaxation.

Pairing Cannabis with Festive Holiday Fun

At Full Harvest Moonz, we’ve curated a selection of stress-relief strains, delectable edibles, and soothing tinctures to make your holiday season brighter.

From the energetic uplift of our on-the-go Sativa pre-rolls to the cozy embrace of our delicious edibles, we’ve got something to better ease you throughout any winter activity:

  • Kickstart your morning with a chill pill! Chill drops from 1906 are swallowable plant-based pills designed to relax and unwind during the busiest days of the holiday season! Enjoy 5mg THC and 25mg CBD in each drop for microdosed yet relaxing cannabis wellness. Find Chill drops at our Haverhill or Lowell dispensaries.
  • Bring an elevated dessert to the next holiday party! Our Haverhill location has Clebby’s Lemon Pound Cake mix which is infused with THC for a scrumptious twist on a classic holiday dessert! Simply mix all ingredients in the package, bake as usual, and enjoy!
  • Wind down after a long day of holiday shopping with a cannabis tincture from our MA dispensary. Treework’s Gentle Drops is a 10:1 CBD: THC ratio cannabis tincture that can be infused or consumed for instant relief and ease. Place a few drops underneath your tongue or mix into your favorite mocktail recipe, then get ready to unplug, relax, and let the stress melt away. Find these Gentle Drops at our Haverhill or Lowell dispensaries.

No matter the cannabis product you choose, be sure to know your limits – start low and go slow. If you’re new to the world of cannabis, our friendly budtenders at our Haverhill or Lowell cannabis dispensary are here to guide you!

Celebrating the Season at Full Harvest Moonz

This holiday season, let Full Harvest Moonz be your partner in creating moments of peace, joy, and harmony. With our carefully selected cannabis products, you can navigate the season’s demands with a smile and a higher sense of serenity.

Say goodbye to overwhelming to-do lists or the stresses of holiday hosting. Stop by our Lowell or Haverhill dispensary location and find the right product to elevate you into tackling this holiday season! Cheers to a stress-free and blissful holiday season!

Want to learn more about how cannabis can elevate your well-being? View our blog page for more consumer education and visit both our Haverhill dispensary and Lowell cannabis dispensary locations to visit us today!

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