How to Store Cannabis to Last

Knowing how to store your cannabis to last is essential whether you are an occasional or habitual smoker. While we see cannabis in many forms, it is essential to remember that the cannabis flower is a plant; grown, harvested, and cured before your consumption. Not correctly storing cannabis can impact the potency, taste, and desired effects.

Keep It Cool & Dark

To ensure the freshness of the cannabis and prevent premature disposal, you should always keep your supply cool and in a dark space. Storing cannabis in high temperatures can cause your cannabis to dry out. To ensure your cannabis stays as fresh as the day you purchased it, store your container in a closet, drawer, or dark corner. You want to avoid leaving the cannabis near a heater, water system, or outside.


Store your flower in a space that is 66 degrees Fahrenheit or less. When the temperature is too hot or too cold, the flower’s terpenes and cannabinoids dry out. In a dispensary, the vault stores products at 66 degrees and 55 percent humidity.


In any humid environment, there is a risk of mold exposure. When storing cannabis in humid areas, it can grow mold and become brittle, losing its color, aroma, and flavor profile.

Air & Light

Air and light have a significant impact on temperature and humidity. Exposure to both will lead to UV rays degrading your cannabis over time, which is why we encourage you to store cannabis in cold dark spaces.


There are so many options when choosing to store cannabis in containers. Many consumers look for specialized containers, but you don’t need to be fancy to store your cannabis correctly. Most consumers choose glass as their container because metal and plastic containers can affect the aroma and taste of your flower. An airtight glass container such as a mason jar is your best bet for long-term storage. Many companies sell UV-proof jars to prevent light exposure. The most important part of your container is to ensure your jars are full to prevent oxygen from getting trapped inside. If oxygen gets inside your jar, it can affect the quality and humidity of your flower. Additionally, silicone jars are great for storing cannabis concentrates and prevent the products from sticking to the container.

Childproof Containers

When picking up cannabis from your dispensary, the packaging your flower or product comes in is child-resistant containers to stay compliant. Many companies create childproof containers for cannabis. These jars keep your product potent, fresh, and secure out of your little one’s reach. Many manufacturers also create childproof dispensary packaging to deliver their goods safely. Another option to secure your cannabis products is to invest in a smell-proof lock bag. These bags often have a PacSafe lock that requires a three-number code to ensure safety. 

Storing Cannabis From Full Harvest Moonz

Storing cannabis correctly is the first step to a long-lasting product. From the temperature to the container, these factors can diminish the product and vastly reduce its effectiveness. At Full Harvest Moonz, we want all of our customers to enjoy their product for as long as possible. While every product is equipped with childproof packaging, visit us in Haverhill to check our container selections. To get more information about the packaging of our products, please call us today at 978.702.4160!

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